Welcome to DigitUni Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the entire higher education sector around the world & has shown the urgent need for digital transformation & development of digital competences in the professors & assistants to teach in hybrid/online environment (HOE). A challenge that the universities should not face alone but use it to form & strengthen the cooperation with crucial stakeholders like the IT/digital technology companies. DigitUni project focuses exactly on development of the capacity of humanities university professor & assistants (P/As) to implement online, blended & distance teaching in a HOE through strengthening & expanding of their digital pedagogical skills & competences. Furthermore, DigitUni methodology will support the humanities P/As & their training process in becoming more inter-connected with external partners (like IT/digital companies), innovative & digital, thus strengthening the links between humanities departments & the research & innovation side of the digital world. The project has been developed in order to provide the humanities professors & assistants in universities with opportunities:

  1. to improve, enhance and expand their digital skills;
  2. to develop new cross-partnerships between humanities departments and IT/digital technology companies;
  3. to improve the quality and foster innovation in the delivery of study programmes’ in hybrid/online environment;
  4. to learn & apply digital pedagogical approach in HOE and to expand their expertise in the use of digital tools;
  5. to form working & lasting partnership with leading It/digital technology companies
  6. to increase the capacity and readiness of their humanities departments to manage an effective shift towards digital education with the support of leading IT/digital technology companies.


DigitUni Objectives

  • To increase the capacity and improve the readiness of Humanities departments in universities to implement online, blended and distance teaching in a hybrid or online environment through strengthening & expanding of the digital pedagogical skills and competences of their staff
  • To enable humanities professors & assistants to deliver high quality inclusive digital education though development of innovative methods for overcoming of existing barriers and difficulties with the support of leading companies in digital technologies
  • To adapt the existing tools and to create new digital resources to support the humanities professors & assistants to prepare innovative digital education content to be used in a hybrid/online education process.
  • To establish collaboration between digital technologies companies and humanities university departments in order to develop tailor-made digital solutions adapted to local challenges to support the digital transformation process in universities
  • To promote networking of humanities departments & professors across the EU to share resources and expertise in the hybrid/online education process