Course description

Cooperation is the basis for success in the educational process. It has a significant impact not only on its effectiveness, but also on motivation, pace of action and the possibility of consolidating the acquired knowledge and skills. It is not true that virtual reality does not allow for full cooperation between individual actors in the educational process. On the contrary. There are tools that allow this cooperation not only to be conducted, but also to be strengthened and controlled. This module will present tools for cooperation both between the teacher and the student, but also between students.

What will i learn?

  • Knowledge: ● understand methods and tools for collaboration with students ● understand the methods and tools for collaboration among students
  • Technical skills: ● Use tools for collaboration between teachers and students ● Use tools for collaboration among students ● Control the process of collaboration among students
  • Soft skills: ● understand the necessity of collaboration ● see and understand the value and efficacy of self-paced work of students


  • Laptop with Internet access/accounts to different sites and social media channels.
  • ICT skills for using internet services and Moodle platform.

Hara Pylarinou

Adam Gogacz






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