Course description

This training material focuses on the existing approaches for hybrid/online education process in higher education. Hybrid learning combines conventional classroom experiences, experimental and observational learning objectives, and online courses to deliver the best teaching method. In short, hybrid knowledge allows students to take classes both online and in person. Hybrid learning is an educational approach where students choose between participating online or in person. To facilitate an effective e-learning process, existing approaches of hybrid/online education process will be extensively discussed within this module with references on the current approaches, practices, benefits, tips for effective learning, cases, barriers and opportunities. The content of the Module will be composed of the main units – lesson where each one will include case studies and assessments. External resources and native material will also include videos, presentations and graphics.

What will i learn?

  • Knowledge: • Learn new approaches for hybrid/online education process in academy
  • Technical skills: • create hybrid courses
  • Soft skills • think, learn and train beyond traditional means • Combine hybrid learning approaches


  • Computer or smartphone with Internet access;
  • English language.
  • ICT skills required such as usage of Text editing, Internet browsing, visual media;

Hara Pylarinou






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